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FREE Animal Rescue Feed

Our Goal
Know how Orbitz and Priceline bring data aggregation to the Travel and Hospitality Industries. Wouldn't it be nice if that existed in the animal rescue area? Well, that's what we're attempting to do. Instead of animals needing rescue being scattered over a bunch of different sites and someone having to go to all of them we're trying to create a system where you can go to ANY site and receive a feed that has ALL the rescues from ALL the various sites that matches those you are most able to help. Imagine how great it would be if people who can help facilitate rescues could instantly be alerted to animals needing help.

If you have an Animal needing rescue please post them here and if you are a rescue or someone who wants to help please create a feed subscription.

Please READ This First!!!!!

Q: What is it?
A: This program allows people to post details about animals needing rescue, adoption, fostering or transportation. Other interested people can create custom "feeds" which can be subscribed to in their web browser or email programs. These "feeds" are based on custom search phrases. Anytime there is a new post for an animal that matches the search phrases for a feed everyone subscribed to that "feed" will be notified about it - Imagine everyone you know, and even people you don't, being notified whenever you post a rescue for an animal in need that they are most able to help.

Q: How does it work?
A: You signup for a free account if you want to post rescue information. If you only want to receive feeds you can just enter your search phrases and submit your feed for publication. You will be given a link that will take you to the subscription page. You can also copy and send it to others who are interested in the same type of rescues.

This is a free system. Please help us to keep it operating by observing the following;

1. No spamming - if you do find any PLEASE report it so we can remove it and remove the offending posters membership.

2. Please only post details having to do with Animal rescues, adoptions, fosters or transportation. Anything else will be considered falling under Item 1 above.

3. Please let us know when there are duplicate postings of the same animal so we can merge them.

Thank you for helping Here's some screen shots to explain how it all works

Thank You,
Vicky and Brad Hale

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We do NOT use your contact info for anything else and do NOT give it to anyone else.
We require registration solely so we can prevent people from spamming the system.

Feeds - search for one or create one

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Restrict the search to only animals needing the following (Leaving these unchecked will find ALL types)
Breed (Required):
Transport Destination:
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Post a Rescue

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Click here and please read BEFORE posting.
Tips and Requests: Make sure any image links you enter work and please be accurate in the animals description. ALSO PLEASE go back and make a change in the Notes when an animal has been rescued or adopted out so everyone can be notified! This will prevent them from wasting time trying to save an animal that has already been saved and allow them to focus on saving another one instead.
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About Us

Provided for free by RocknRollDog.com
Copyright 2010 RocknRollDog.com

For Feed Searches

The search engine uses natural language selection (kinda like most web search engines). It allows for wildcard searches which are accomplished by enclosing the phrase in double quotes and appending an Asterisk to it (i.e. entering "Lab*" will find Lab, Labs, Labrador, Black Labs, etc...)

In addition the system allows us to combine search phrases with or with out parentheses searching on the phrase (Dallas OR "Fort*") AND Texas AND Not Austin will return entries for Dallas or Fort Worth or Fort Aransas but will exclude any entries with Austin in them.

So if we wanted to find all Labs and Labs mixes in the Houston Area and Harris County we'd enter the search phrase "lab*" OR ("lab*" and mix) in the Breeds field and Houston OR Harris AND Texas in the Location field.

Any field left blank will return anything in that field.

For Posting Rescues

When posting rescues you want to do some simple things to ensure that others can find your rescue post easily and accurately.

1. Use multiple describers when ever possible. For example put both German Shepard and GSD in the breed description.

2. Put enough location information for different search phrases to hit on. For example put Houston Texas Harris county, Champions, Pasadena in the location would make the rescue turn up for many more searches whereas only putting Houston would cause the rescue to not show up for someone who is searching for rescues in Harris County or for someone searching for rescues in the entire state of Texas.

When posting something please keep in mind the need to be accurate and do not try to make the post as broad as possible as this defeats the purpose of the feed.
If the animal is a "Lab Mix" please describe it as such and refrain from putting in something like "Lab Mix, Rottie, GSD, Boxer" etc... in an effort to make it show up in as many searches as possible.

If it is a "Lab Boxer Mix" then certainly put that in as it will show up for search for both Lab and Boxer mixes.

The idea is that rescues and other people can target the specific types of rescues they can help and be notified immediately about them. If they are flooded with animals not meeting their search criteria then they'll stop using this service which renders it useless.

Thank you for your help!

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